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1 min walk from Shonandai Station C exit

Footwork is an authentic business hotel that lives business and sightseeing.
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2-3-10 Shonandai , Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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Odakyu Line, Sagami Railway Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway Line, Get off at Shonandai Station (1 minute walk from West C Exit)

Access list

  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    From Yokohama Shindo to Odawara, Fujisawa direction - Yokohama Shindo, Kamiyabe IC - Route No.1 to Route 1, Route 467 from North entrance to Shonandai Station

    Access method 2: Osaka
    The Tomei Expressway to the Tokyo area - Tomei Expressway, Ebina - Ebina 43 Route prefectural road from the IC to Shonandai direction through the Yoda

    Parking:Present(¥ 1,000/Day)

    ☆Parking space There are 16 regular cars.It will be announced on a first-come-first-served basis.)
    ☆165 affiliated parking lots available.From 15 o'clock to 10 am the next morning, Up to 19 hours Fee ¥ 1,000, Ordinary passenger car height 2.1 m or less·Within 1.8 m width, No goods move-out
  • Access by train

    ·30 minutes by train from Yokohama Station, (348 yen)
    ·42 minutes by train from Shin-Yokohama Station, (410 yen)
    ·39 minutes by train from Yokohama Chinatown (Kannai) station, (350 yen)
    ·40 minutes by train from Minatomirai (Sakuragicho Station), (350 yen)
    ·It is 46 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station, (535 yen)
    ·It is 54 minutes by train from Tokyo Station, (972 yen)
    ·It is 14 minutes by train from the Enoshima Aquarium (Shonan Enoshima Station), (216 yen)
  • Airplane access

    【From Haneda Airport】
    About 70 minutes on the Sotetsu Line to transfer to Yokohama Keihin Kyuko, (820 yen)

    【From Narita Airport】
    By Niigori Transfer at Keisei Skyliner Tokyo,
    It takes about 134 minutes by Tosuka and Totsuka municipal subway from Tokyo to Tokaido line, (3524 yen)
  • Information on parking lots

    ●We have 16 parking lots at the 1st and 2nd parking lots and 165 affiliated multi-storey parking lots.The first and second parking lots are outdoor parking lots.
    In cooperating multistory parking lot, self-propelled type, there is a limitation on ordinary cars only height 2.1 m, width 1.8 m, weight 2 t or less.
    ※Customers of full or unlimited regular cars will guide you to the surrounding coin parking.
    Approximately ¥ 1,500 per night / Customer burden
    ●Parking lot usage hours: from 15:00 to the next 10:00 (in case of customer burden outside hours available)
    ※However, the late check-out plan can be extended to the next 11 o'clock or the next noon
    ●Customers other than ordinary cars please contact us by phone.
    ●Please drop in at the front desk upon arrival.We will give you a parking certificate.

    【Parking Fee】
    ·Standard-sized car, One night ¥ 1,000(Within height 2.1 m)
    ·2t truck per night ¥ 1,000(Within height 2.1 m)
    ·2t track long, One night ¥ 1,500
    ·3 t Track Night ¥ 2,200
    ·bus, 4 t track, 4t track long(About 8 meters in length)
     Overnight ¥ 3,000

    ※Large truck large bus can not park (Note!)
    ※For cars over 2t long, there are only two parking spaces.
    When making a reservation please be sure to confirm by telephone.